Volunteer Committees

Volunteers are encouraged to work at least three shifts in one of the following committees during Tournament Week. Committee and shift selections can be made on the Volunteer registration form at the time of registration. Volunteer shifts vary by committee, but typically last four to six hours per shift. If you have any questions regarding the specific responsibilities of a committee, please contact Lexi Wood at [email protected]

Ambassador Volunteers are responsible for greeting spectators and staffing the gates to the tournament to ensure that all spectators have the proper tickets for entry. Ambassador Volunteers will also manage Will Call and assist spectators as needed.

Caddie Tent Volunteers are responsible for assisting the professional caddies throughout the Tournament. Volunteers are also responsible for distributing and collecting caddie bibs, towels and lunch vouchers. Other duties include managing the Caddie Tent and caddie registration.

Carts and Shuttles Volunteers manage the Cart Area and control the charging, distribution, and collection of carts to authorized personnel. Volunteers are also responsible for driving carts on course to help shuttle players and volunteers. Volunteers are expected to be outside most of the day and could be exposed to rain or high temps. Volunteers should know golf etiquette.

Volunteers assist in providing and maintaining a suitable driving range for all players. Specific duties include maintaining supplies such as range balls, beverages and player identification signs. Practice Range volunteers will also help marshal the practice range. Training will be provided prior to tournament week. This committee has early morning hours and late evening hours.  Volunteers should expect to be on their feet most of the day.

Volunteers assist The Golf Channel staff in production of the telecast. Substantial golf knowledge is necessary and course knowledge is preferred. Volunteers must be able to work all 4 days, Thursday – Sunday- no exceptions will be made.

Volunteers assist with Tailgate on the Green and other on course hospitality venues. Responsibilities include credentialing guests, supply distribution, and serving as a leison for sponsors, guests and VIP’s.

Marshals ensure fair play among all participants as well as safety for spectators, and are stationed at locations throughout the course. Focus is on the tees, landing areas, greens and spectator crosswalks. There is a mandatory pre-tournament training session for this position.

Volunteers are responsible for distributing product such as water, soda and snacks throughout the course. This committee is physically demanding. Volunteers will be outside for the majority of time and could be exposed to extreme weather conditions – rain or high temps.

Volunteers will help with the Official Tournament Pro-Am on Wednesday in addition to other ancillary events throughout the week such as the 5k run and women’s summit.

Volunteers are responsible for staffing the Volunteer Headquarters, handling uniform distribution and maintaining a comfortable working environment for the Volunteers.

Volunteers are responsible for transporting players, staff and VIPs to various locations (including hotel, airport and private housing) in courtesy vehicles provided by the Tournament. A copy of your license is required. Volunteers are needed to help with staging of vehicles on the Saturday and Sunday before the Tournament and the Monday after the Tournament.

Volunteers in this committee must have the flexibilty to work each day Thursday – Sunday of Tournament Week. Let your chairmen know if you prefer Morning or Afternoon shifts; but please note morning shifts may finish in the afternoon.

Standard Bearer Volunteers are responsible for carrying a standard (with the names and scores for each professional) on the course for an entire round, which could last 4-6 hours. Volunteers should be at least 13 years old and able to walk 18 holes of golf while carrying a 10lb standard.

There is a mandatory pre-tournament training session for this position.

Scoring Central Volunteers are responsible for obtaining the scores from walking scorers via radio and entering them into the computer system for the electronic scoreboard. Computer skills and capability to use radio is needed.


Scoring Tent volunteers are stationed in the scoring tents behind the 9th and 18th holes, Volunteers obtain scorecards from the players after they have completed their round.Volunteers need to be able to do basic math in their head while in a time sensitive environment. Golf Knowledge is also preferred.

Help Tournament Staff prior to, during and following the tournament in the tournament office. Various administrative tasks will be assigned.


Volunteers are responsible for player registration as well as set-up and organization of the locker room. Additional duties include player mail distribution, encouraging players to sign memorabilia, assisting with picture frames for the Pro-Am and handling miscellaneous player requests. This committee is for women only.

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